Why Does My Grout Look Dirty?

The majority of people with tile floors eventually run into the same problem – floors with dark dirty grout in the kitchen, bathroom, foyer and walk areas, and light clean looking grout where traffic is not as frequent. 

The reason this happens is fairly simple.  The dirt that shoes leave on your tile is transferred to the grout through the liquid used to clean the tile – namely mopping.  The more you mop, the worse your grout will look.  Unfortunately, this not only makes your grout look dirty, but the liquid also penetrates the grout (grout is porous) and permanently stains it.  Even the cleaners used with the water can stain grout.  This is why that “back to new” look is usually not obtainable through cleaning alone.  This damage to your grout makes future floor maintenance even more hopeless than before cleaning.

Give us a call at Grout Guys, LLC to make your grout look like new again. We can regrout or stain your grout to make it beautiful again.