Caulk / Recaulk

Recaulking Tub Area
Bathroom – Before and After Recaulking

Why Caulk/Recaulk

The caulking around your tub, shower, sink, and kitchen backsplash is a vital piece of protection against water damage.

In time, most caulk will mold, dry up, peel, or crack.  If ignored, exposed caulk or grout joints can result in severe water damage and costly repairs. In extreme cases, a complete tear-out or replacement is needed. It is important to maintain the caulking around areas exposed to water.

New caulking will drastically improve the look of an existing tub, shower, sink, or backsplash. Be on the lookout for moldy or worn caulk.

In addition to saving money on costly water damage repairs, having the professionals at Grout Guys, LLC recaulk your bathroom, laundry room or kitchen will save you time and it will look beautiful!