Should Grout Be Sealed in New Homes

Often we are asked about the grout in new homes and if they are built sealed so we thought we would answer this question to anyone who is thinking of buying a new home or has a new home in the area.

Question:  In new homes, is it necessary to seal new grout in bathroom wall and floor tiles?

Answer:  Yes, you absolutely want to seal the grout, especially in the bathroom and kitchen areas.  This is to reduce the likelihood of staining the grout……..which WILL eventually happen.  It will also preserve the color and texture. If the shower grout is not properly sealed, water could penetrate completely through the grout and start to “dampen” the green drywall wallboard that builders use behind the tiles.  The only exception to this would be if your contractor used grout with grout sealer already in it. Most homes are not built with a sealer over the grout lines.